Weatherstrip 30778
23 December, 2014
Weatherstrip 30801
23 December, 2014

Estimates depending on the material and its hardness.

U-profile weatherstrip for various applications, in EPDM material.


  1. Ignacio says:

    hello my query is by Burlete 30797. I wanted to know the measure of the width that is missing in the plane, and the price. Thank you

    • Rosario Burletes says:

      At. Ignacio:
      The requested profile is quoted and manufactured on request, must inform the working conditions and the amount requested. It is usually manufactured in sections of up to 6 meters long and the approximate measurements are A: 35mm, B: 21mm, C: 20mm; D: 15mm, E: 7mm, F: 7mm with their respective tolerances. I look forward to your comments. greetings

  2. nicolas says:

    Hola, que espesor de pared tiene?

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