New Weatherstrips for Construction

We Develop Weatherstrips for Bodyworks and Navigation
20 December, 2016
Self-Adhesive Weatherstrips
27 September, 2016

We develop specific supplies for the Construction Industry, among which we find our broad line of expansion joints.

The main function of these pieces is to allow and control movements between two parts of a structure, whether this is due to temperature fluctuations, humidity or external pressures such as those provoked by road traffic.



In Rosario Burletes, we are highly experienced in developing expansion joints joints to apply in concrete cloth or other materials used for bridge and road construction . Manufactured in EPDM/neoprene material, they provide great elasticity and also resistance to ageing due to atmospheric factors.


They are also used in flat surfaces of structures, floors, walls, columns and ceiling joints to absorb movement in structures and also keep sealing pressure at all times.

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  1. Sandra Goya says:

    Good morning, I wanted to tell you that the new page is much more practical to find everything. I congratulate you!

  2. jesus says:

    buenos dias le consulto anda buscando burletes de 1mm para terminacion de sillones de chapa de diferentes colores

  3. luis says:

    buenos dias
    queria saber si realiza juntas vulcanizadas, necesito hacer unas juntas para unas juntas autoportantes de agua. Ø300mm.
    espero su respuesta.

    • Rosario Burletes says:

      Hola Luis, ya derivamos tu consulta para que un asesor técnico se comunique con vos vía email.

  4. daniel says:

    buenas tardes estoy necesitando burletes sello de goma tipo Nota Musical. tendrian?

    • Rosario Burletes says:

      Hola Daniel, ya derivamos tu consulta para que un asesor técnico se comunique con vos vía email.

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